1. Sherri

    Mmmm! I would mix my Granookies into my So Delicious coconut milk ice cream! I am now a fan of Granookies, I already am a fan of Cook. Vegan. Lover. And, I get the newsletter. (Not on Twitter)

  2. I am a FAN of both now!As for how I would use the sample, I would use it in soy/coconut yogurt, on coconut milk ice cream or just eat it by the handful! Pack it in my kids lunches and Hubby’s too!
    I also would love to talk about it on my podcast, Run Vegan Run. I can do a review!

  3. Yvonne

    I would use the granookies in muffins and sprinkle them on pancakes with some soy yogurt; this of coarse, besides eating them in my bowl of oatmeal and making chocolate bark with the granookies and melted semisweet chocolate chips!
    A sprinkle of the those on top of some vegan vanilla ice cream – yes please!

  4. Midnite

    I think with some fresh berries and soy yoghurt, they’d top pancakes quite nicely. Also, they’d probably make an excellent crust for mini individual no-bake vegan cheesecakes.

  5. Contest is over (obviously I’ve been lazy on my Google reader catching up!). But, nice mug!! 🙂 And that stuff looks awesome. Congrats to the winner!!

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