The Benefits of Living With Intention | #AYearOfIntentionalLiving

I recently shared my intentions for 2018. It’s one thing to set intentions but it’s important to dive a bit deeper and to really define those intentions.  So this week I want to dive a bit deeper into why I am choosing to live more intentionally. What are the benefits of living with intention?  For me the benefits are…

To Be Free From Debt. While we are not swimming in debt we do have a bit from travel, student loans, and moving that we would like to be free from by the end of the year. 

To Spend More Time With My Children. Clutter and cleaning are both huge mental blocks for me. Too often, I end up telling myself and my littles that I need to clean first or I end up staying home on the weekend to clean while Neil goes out with the kids for a few hours. 

To Get Better Sleep.  I am not looking for 8 straight hours but rather more restful sleep when it does happen (I have a baby so sleep is all over the place).

More Time For Me (and the blog).  I have notebooks filled with ideas for blog posts but between a clingy baby, exhaustion, the never ending cleaning and the guilt I feel when I take time for myself nothing has been getting done and it’s weighing on me. For me, living more intentionally means making time for myself and my passions a priority so that I can fill my cup and better take care of my family and our home. 

The ability to travel. We love to explore and travel and by living more intentionally we are providing ourselves with the space, time and financial stability to tap into our never ending wanderlust. 

Reduce anxiety. I have struggled with anxiety for most of my life. It comes in waves and currently it’s high. My hope is that living life with more purpose and being more present will help to reduce my anxiety.

Increase quality time. Days will be filled with more purpose and presence which leads to a higher quality of life and time with those who are most important. 

Stronger relationships.  Being more intentional about how we live our lives helps us to foster stronger relationships with each other and ourselves. 

As you can see these benefits embrace so many facets of life from health, to relationships, to money, to stress.  

Do you seek a more intentional life? What does this look like for you? What steps are you taking?