10 Things About Me

I shared this post over on my Instagram but I thought why not share this here as well. It’s been awhile since I have shared an about me and thought why not? 

1 | Superpower: Cooking dinner with hungry children at my feet and sharing tips on on how to balance health and wellness while also being a mama. Oh and because mamahood isn’t easy I like to share the good with struggles.

2 | Can’t Live Without: a notebook and a pen, an eye mask for sleeping and pasta.

3 | Believe In: the positive effects of nature while also struggling to believe in myself.

4 | mama to: three incredible little people who teach me something new everyday.

5 | wife to: a rock climbing, computer nerd and incredible man.

6 | health coach: who feels incredible privilege to support women on their journey to optimal health and wellness.

7 | blogger: with two different blogs that are sometimes hard to balance these days.

8| about to turn 33 years old but absolutely hates celebrating her birthday (I don’t mind getting older though).

9 | thinking about how/where I can make time for more self-care.

10 | grew up on the east coast (Vermont) and while I love PDX I’m always an East Coast girl at heart.

Okay, your turn! Share below or tag me in your post so I can learn 10 things about you!

[PDX Eats] Plant-Based Snacks & Treats at Tiny Moreso

You may remember the time that Jenn invited me into the Rawdacious Kitchen for a sneak peek at how she makes her amazing  vegan cheesecakes. Three years later she has moved out of her tiny basement commercial kitchen and into a beautiful, bright space that not only is home to Rawdacious Desserts but also Tiny Moreso, a plant-based cafe.

Tiny Moreso serves up Rawdacious Desserts which has expanded from vegan cheesecakes to a variety of sweets including some amazing truffles. Tiny Moreso is also serving up a menu filled with toasts, smoothies, juices, salads, sandwiches and snacks. 

On this trip we were feeling particularly hungry and ordered a spread of food and drinks. Everything was of course delicious. Favorites for us included the purple potato salad which was a special the day we visited, the Eleanor smoothie and the kids were in love with the avocado toast.

Eleanor – Banana, almond butter, mylk, maca, dash of maple

Ablis Blood Orange CBD Soda 

Salad with Purple Potatoes and Snap Peas

Kale Caesar Salad 
Sandwich with Cashew Cheese, Avocado and Veggies 

Sandwich with Cashew Cheese, Avocado and Veggies 

Of course we couldn’t leave without having a mini vegan cheesecake.