Get Your Good Going with Blue Diamond Almonds

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. All opinions are my own.

I can’t believe that just last week we were in Vermont  in 50 degree weather and now we are back in Portland and it has been in the high 70’s/low 80’s. Beautiful weather of course means spending lots of time outside soaking up the sun, playing at the park and feeding the ducks and geese.

Blue Diamond AlmondsEdith and I have been getting out every afternoon for a nice walk before stopping at the park to run around and play ball. Of course a trip to the park is never complete without some sort of snack and lately our go to has been Blue Diamond Almonds. I love them and Edith has taken a liking to them as well.

I know some of you are thinking you let your 21 month old eat almonds? Won’t she choke? Yes I do and she is actually a really great nut eater. I of course supervise and never leave her alone because they are indeed a choking hazard but she loves them, especially the wasabi soy flavour.

Blue Diamond Almonds

Off to the Farmer’s Market!

We seem to take almonds with us every where, not just to the park. We took them on our trip to Vermont, on hikes, trips to the farmers market, basically they are with us at all times. Having a snack with me at all times stops me from getting hangry (no one wants to be around a hungry pregnant lady), helps keep E from getting hangry (hungry toddler = worse than a hungry pregnant lady), and it helps me to stay healthy instead of buying some convince snack out.

The favourite Blue Diamond Almond flavour around our house is wasabi soy but you can also find us toting around natural and lightly salted. Seriously individual packages make life so much easier.

How do you get your good going? How to do keep healthy when you’re out and about?

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