Foodie: 12 Spring Salad Recipes

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After being away for 10 days and eating out more and just not our usual meals we have been ready for greens, greens and salads. I actually stocked up with a big container of organic mixed greens, baby spinach, baby arugula, dino kale and curly kale.  We have been making salads daily and of course I’m always looking for more inspiration on how I can jazz up a salad recipe. Here are 12 Spring Salad Recipes that I am currently getting inspired by:

Let’s talk about a few of these Spring Salad recipes:

What are your favorite spring salad recipes or ingredients? I love radishes especially Easter radishes because of the variety of colors.  I also am just loving all the spring greens and asparagus!

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  1. Elisabeth

    I try to make a big salad for dinner at least once a week, so I know how you feel with trying to make it more interesting. I have made this salad a few times It is soo good, especially the maple sriracha pecans. I don’t remember the name, but in Veganomicon there is a really yummy salad with mushrooms, avocados and chickpeas and a maple mustard dressing that has been a monthly+ staple in our house for 6 years. It calls for portobellos, but I use creminis, since they just get sliced up anyways.

    That green curry kale salad looks delicious, if only my husband didn’t hate coconut, curry and tempeh. So picky!I might have to halve it and make it for a lunch.

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