Fitness(less) Friday


Yes you read that right- there has been no fitness this week. Well I shouldn’t say no fitness, the Hubz and I did get out on two

1/2 mile walks which is great improvement for him.  Honestly I did not have the time or energy to workout this week. I’m not completely happy about it because I love to have my workout time and my running but when things pile up somethings got to give. I’ve been trying to keep up on the house, take care of my husband, find time to sleep and I had to go back to work for the last half of the week so fitness (and washing my hair) have taken a backseat.  Now that the Hubz is starting to improve I am planning on getting a pilates workout in today and would like to go running one day this weekend.


Half Marathon Update:

As I said in previous posts this week, we will no longer be running the Disney Half-Marathon.  It disappointing on so many levels, considering this was going to be our first half, the entry fee was ridiculous, we had just made our flights down which were non-refundable (good thing they were cheap) and it means no vacation. I’m starting to think vacation isn’t meant for us. I’m not stopping my running, I have worked too hard to get where I am and I’m not giving it up but I am going to change things up a bit.  I am not doing the 10k on October 8th because really since this week was a wash there is no way I’ll be ready to run that distance in 2 weeks.  Unfortunately there are no other 10k’s in VT this year; there is a 5k though in November which I plan to run.

Now it’s time to start thinking about a new half-marathon for us to run.  I am predicting it will take the Hubz 6 weeks after he is allowed to start running again to finally get back to where he is (he has to take a month off from ALL physical activity, except slow walking).  After the 6 weeks I’d saw we are looking at 12 weeks of training, essentially 18-20 weeks of preparation for a new half.  That being said it lands us in mid-February or later. What 1/2 marathons would you suggest? We need to consider entry costs, destination and additional expenses. 

What was the most fun race you’ve ever ran? 

Slowly Getting Back…

to normal.

For the first time this week I am up early because I want to be. I didn’t have to wake Neil up every 2 hours last night and I finally slept through most of the night. I’m still run down and Neil is still having headaches and is weak but things are slowly improving. Yesterday I went back to work which was difficult because I was scared to leave Neil and because I was just so exhausted it was hard to get back into the routine. I am happy to say Neil is getting back to eating and keeping food down (win!) and we went on a half mile walk yesterday.

I am hoping to get back to my normal(ish) routine over the next few days.

Again thank you for all the support!

More Updates

Thank you so much for all your supportive comments and tweets.  I’m still running on little sleep because I have to wake Neil up every two hours but we are both slowly getting energy back.  He is still in a good amount of pain but is feeling better now that he is home and in his own bed.  Unfortunately the pain killers make him sick to his stomach so keeping food down for him has been a challenge.  We have found that soygurt, toast, some fruit, water and ginger tea are the only things that work right now. The house is a mess and laundry is overflowing (Neil was supposed to do it Sunday) but I am lucky to have my mom not too far away and she will be by soon to help do laundry because unfortunately we have to go to the laundromat.

While he sleeps he dreams....(oh and no that is not a current photo- he sleeps in a real bed)

I am planning to go back to work tomorrow and I am lucky I only work 4 hours so that means I am only away from home for less than 5 hours.  Neil won’t be able to go to work for the remainder of this week and may try working from home next week.

Since we are no longer training for a half, I am going to change up my running routine a bit and just work on slowly increasing distance.  It’s going to be hard not to have a running buddy for the next month but I have worked so hard to get where I am that I can’t just stop.  The next race we plan to run is the Turkey Trot 5k in November and  then we are looking into a half marathon for next Spring with some shorter distances along the way.  It’s crazy how one event can change so many plans, but I guess you really can’t plan everything in life.  I am so happy that he is safe and alive – we can run a Disney Half another time.

Again thank you for the support.

Injury Update

Neil is finally home from the hospital. He has a contusion on the brain, intracranial hemorrhage and a fractured orbital bone. He will be okay but no physical activity or alcohol for a month and no driving, outings, visitors, overstimulation for at least this week/until he feels better. Blogging will be light this week while I try to regroup after traveling to NYC Saturday, rushing back yesterday morning and spending all night/day at the hospital.  I’m exhausted and need a break.

Racing. He will not be doing his 10k next week or the one 2 weeks after that.  Also due to the injury and the timing we both will not be doing the Disney half marathon.  This injury will interfere with his training plan and his energy levels so we have decided not to add the extra mental and physical stress of training for a long distance run.  I am hoping that we will be able to run the 5k Turkey Trot together on Thanksgiving and that we will be able to still run our first half marathon together at Disney within the next year.

It’s crazy how one event can change everything.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

I might be a little MIA the next few days. Neil had a little accident and I had to rush home early from my IIN conference this morning. Neil has a concussion and fractured eye orbital and some minor internal bleeding. The short story is He went over his bike handles when breaking down a hill; the back break malfunctioned and wouldn’t release. He has to stay over at the hospital tonight for observation and has to have another CT scan. Luckily he has a private room (with a view) and I can stay. I am exhausted but so glad he is okay.


I’m Flying High

Goooooooood Morning! I’ve been up since 3am thanks to the kitty who decided he wanted to my extra early wake up call.  He just knew that I didn’t want to miss my flight to NYC this morning even though I could have slept until 4am. Now I’m hanging out at the terminal just waiting to get on my flight so I can head to my IIN Conference.

Even though I had Saturday coffee yesterday I decided to have Saturday coffee this morning to because well it was just too early and too cold not to (I would have had tea but who wants to spend $2 on Lipton?)

Today and tomorrow are going to be crazy busy but I am going to try to blog as much as possible.  Enjoy your weekend!