1. I think I might do this! It’s the same month as Vegan MoFo, so I’ll already be blogging and keeping track of my food. Only snafu is the dinner reservation I have for Saturday night for 4 Course Vegan in NYC. Maybe this will be sort of a send-off into eat-in land. I’ll figure out the details and blog post about it!

  2. I always eat at home or someones’s place (potluck or dinner) so my ‘eating out’ is pretty much nothing. However, I like the idea of documenting food and budget part. I have failed too many times on this part….
    I can try.

  3. Hey Lindsay, great post with lots of information and clear ideas. I am definitely more focused and interested in “eating in” more often now. I have definitely relied on eating out options all too often and regret the costs (financially, feeling too full, and sometimes not a great experience overall). I will probably do your challenge next time around, though. I purchased a meal plan while I am on campus often at my university and it would not be cost-effective to abandon it.

  4. I think I might do this, but there may be a cheat day worked in. We made plans to attend a special dinner next weekend and it’s something we rarely do. We spend far too much on meals out, especially with two kids. Also, I’m the only veg in the family and sometimes it’s not easy to find a place that satisfies us all.

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