1. Reid M. Boehm

    I learned that Rapadura is an organic whole cane sugar from Brazil and that it is the closest thing to unrefined sugar on the planet. I had never heard of this before!

  2. Sara

    They donate 1% of their profits not to some preselected organization, but to “changemakers” suggested by customers. Talk about valuing customers’ opinions!

  3. How interesting…..”We grind, mix, melt, and mold FEARLESS chocolate at temperatures under 118F to preserve the natural nutrients, minerals, enzymes, and of course, the abundant anti-oxidants. “

  4. Megan

    I learned that raw chocolate existed! I enjoyed reading about the difference between raw and roasted chocolate. I guess even after all those visits to the Hershey factory during my childhood, I’d never really thought much about how chocolate was produced.

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