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  1. Wendy

    I already was a fan of Living Harvest – use Tempt regular Hemp Milk for my a.m. cereal, and unsweetened hemp milk for sauces, etc… Now I *like* Cooking for a Vegan Lover on Facebook. Looking forward to seeing what you have to say!

  2. Josh

    I also tried subscribing to the newsletter but the confirmation link contains an “Ivalid token” (per the website error)

  3. Lindsey Ladd

    The only “milk” I drink is Tempt Original Unsweetened Hempmilk. The ice cream is amazingly good. Who knew Hemp could be this yummy!?

  4. DragonTat2

    I love Living Harvest products and would be proud to wear their shirt. I promote Tempt and Living Harvest products to everyone. I buy Tempt vanilla milk by the case!

  5. I liked Living Harvest (though I hate that you have to do that to enter a contest to try a product I’ve never tried). I want a chance to try it though, so I did it!

  6. BRI

    just liked Tempt on FB and already have you as a friend – i just tried Tempt milk about 2 weeks ago and loved it!! i can’t wait to try their frozen dessert mmmmmm

  7. Whitney

    awesome giveaway — I came here from the Tempt facebook page, so I’m already fond of Tempt. I use the milk in my smoothies, but haven’t tried the ice cream yet. 🙂

  8. Jennie Wertz

    I’ve liked Living Harvest on Facebook for awhile now. I fell in love with the chocolate hemp milk with the first drink I had!

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