So my hubby decided to take me on a wonderful weekend to Montreal just for fun. We had a great time and ate a lot of wonderful food and just walked around and enjoyed the city.

We went to Chuch on St. Denis for dinner Friday night and it was delicious! Now I know the menu seems kind of pricey (dinner cost us around $50 with 2 entrees, appetizer and 2 sides of rice- we brought our own wine) but is worth it. The food is authentic vegetarian thai and it was incredible.

For brunch on Saturday we finally went to Aux Vivres- we have been talking about going here for over a year but never seem to make it there- anyways it was incredible! (and vegan). I got the polenta that came with salad, refried black beans, salsa and guacamole as well as a chai and a tonic (which is fresh squeezed apple, lemon and ginger). Neil got the tofu scramble, with cornbread, tempeh bacon, roasted sweet potatoes and salad as well as chai and the cremesicle smoothie (coconut milk, orange juice and carrot juice and maybe something else) his was incredible as well.

We spent most of the day just walking and walking and walking. We decided to stop for a quick light lunch at Commensal near McGill and were disssapointed as we have been in the past. January 2008 we went to Commensal in Quebec city and it was horrible so we haven’t been back but we decided to try a different location and it was just as bad. The food was horrible as well as the arrangement of the buffet it was like shoving a bunch of people into an elevator and then trying to move. Just awful.

Luckly we ended our night with a beer at Divan Orange, then we watch a tango class practice in the park across the street and went to Aux Vivres for dinner where we had an amazing dinner minus the horrible dessert. For dinner Neil had the gazpacho and all dressed tempeh burger both very good. I had a small salad and baked chili fries – all the yummines without all the guilt! For dessert we decided to try the uncheesecake because neil was dying for some but this was awful nothing like I have ever seen for uncheesecake. As well as nothing like I have ever tasted. It was almost like chocolate jello it was disgusting I had to politely put what was in my mouth in my napkin it was that bad. At that point I was turned off and just drank my coffee, Neil finished the cookie crust but refrained from eating anymore of the “uncheesecake”. Over all it was a wonderful day, food and time together.


  1. Ah, Montreal! I love Aux Vivres for brunch as well, but also had a horrible experience with the dessert I tried there (dry, yucky brownie). Or maybe I’m just biased because I think my own desserts are so much better! But Le Commensal here in Toronto is just terrific–I guess you never can tell.

  2. cookingforaveganlover

    Yeah I hear that the Toronto Le Commensal is good- it’s just so hard to even desire to try another one when we have had 2 bad experiences. Neil used to love the Montreal McGill location but it was just not good this weekend.

    I am dying to go back to Toronto though and try Fressen- We went to Urbanherbivore and it was delicious but didn’t make it to Fressen. We also we to Fresh and I forget the name right now but this vegetarian South Indian place in Little India so good.

  3. Hi Just saw your post regarding yacon syrup at Healthy Living. Thanks! 🙂 I need to have my blog notify me when poeple make comments on older posts.

    Great to know about Aux Vivres! We are spending the night in Montreal for my husband’s birthday (july 24). We plan on going to Aux Vivres and the new raw restaurant, Crudessence. I can’t wait!! Here’s their website:

    Glad to have discovered your blog!

    Joyce in Vermont 🙂

  4. cookingforaveganlover

    We were actually going to go to Crudessence when we were there last but then we had such a great brunch at Aux Vivres that we wanted to try dinner but next Montreal trip we will have to go to Crudessence. Have you ever tried Grezzo in Boston?

  5. Oh my gosh!! I’m ashamed to admit I STILL haven’t been to Grezzo yet! We keep meaning to go. My sister moved to Marlborough Mass and we plan on visiting them in August so I’m hoping we’ll finally be able to go. I hear nothing but great things!! Have gotten down there yet?

    I can’t wait for Linda Wooliever to open her raw food cafe in Worcester Vermont. Look her up on Facebook. If you don’t know her already she’s really cool and nice!

  6. cookingforaveganlover

    we haven’t gone to Grezzo yet but we plan to in August.

    I had no idea Linda Wooliever was opening a raw food cafe I am so excited! That’s great to hear! My husband and I are actually taking one of her classes at the Hunger Mountain Co-op next tuesday which should be fun.

  7. I was in Montreal in May! We also loved Chuch (pricey, but nice for a dinner date), but we were disappointed by Aux Vivres. I’ve got a review and photos on my blog. Montreal is a great walking city. We’d love to go back!

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